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Another day, another typical #ootd \ #notsorry (at American Gypsy Vintage)
Pretty little things hanging in every corner of my apartment.. Including this vintage fur and my collection of @loveandleather necklaces 😊
Coffee vibes today in my Rolling Stones 89 crewneck 🙏 #blessed (at American Gypsy Vintage)
Coffee vibes.  (at American Gypsy Vintage)
Sometimes a girl just needs to put on a good pant suit.. Ya know? | (at
All hail the @unif twerk jeans 🙏 You may never see me wearing anything else from this moment on.
Treasure hunting all day today =’s another day in the uniform. Leather pants, thin white tee, flannel, black boots, fringe bag, and an iced espresso attached to my hand at all times.
Shredded tees & blazers. (at
Suited up today in @frenchconnection_official and @modernvice |
Treasure hunting Tuesdays ✌️#ootd in a @starbucks bathroom, as per usual..
Cozy rainy morning - second day on my @tinyteatox and loving it 😊
Cozy rainy morning and second day on my @tinyteatox and loving it 😊
Shooting this vintage tee today.💪 It may just fall to pieces and disintegrate while wearing it though…
Uniform: paper thin white tee, distressed jeans, and black boots. #ootd
Breaking in the most perfect black booties today. Obviously made by @modernvice 🙌